Moving Home

Are you looking at moving home?

If you are wanting to move and need help with your mortgage then we can help. We aim to turn what seems like a complicated mortgage situation into a simple solution. This is why we’re loved by so many, in and around Derby.

Moving to a new house

Circumstances change over time and you may need to consider moving home. When doing so, your mortgage situation changes too.

It’s not just about finding a new deal though. All the paperwork needs to be handled and that can seem like a daunting task. This is why Mortgages Explained can help.

When you talk to our friendly team we will look at finding a great new deal for you which matches your individual circumstances. Then, rather than leave you to apply yourself, we’ll do all the leg work for you.

How moving home works with a mortgage

Most mortgages are portable. This means that you should be able to transfer a mortgage from one property to the next. Your lender will want to value the new property and you may need to borrow more money as a result.

There may also be other fees to pay when moving your mortgage to another property. We can look at this for you and explain everything in detail.

If your mortgage deal is penalty free you could end up saving money on a mortgage in the long term.

Are you tied into a mortgage deal?

Don’t worry! Our mortgage advisor in Derby will be able to find the best solution for you. They will work out if any additional fees are involved and ensure you are working towards the best mortgage solution.

Whether you are ready to move or just considering the costs involved at this stage, why not talk to us today? You can do so by contacting us or using the form below.

Good luck with moving home!

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